St Johns Kindergarten is located in Melbourne’s Bayside community Sandringham, offering Three and Four-year-old pre-school kindergarten programs incorporating both traditional and bush kinder programs within its curriculum.

St. Johns Kindergarten is run by a committee of volunteer parents who are passionate about our kinder programs and community. We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with families that extend beyond the kinder grounds.

Our program is guided by the knowledge that children thrive in a stimulating environment where they have ownership and feel a sense of belonging and joy. Our program is play-based and derived from holistic approaches and the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework. We appreciate that each child learns differently and value their individuality and unique talents. We have high expectations of the children’s learning capabilities and enjoy watching them grow and learn at their own pace. Our Home Kinder is set in an old church offering space and character which complements it’s specifically planned learning environment. Nature Play is encouraged and fostered through regular visits to local bushland and an inhouse Sustainability program run by one of our expert educators.

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St. John’s Kindergarten Philosophy

Our Place

In 1954 All Souls Anglican Church, Sandringham established a Church and a Kindergarten in D’Arcy Street named St. John the Baptist Kindergarten. In 1971 the congregation merged with All Souls in Bay Street, Sandringham and the Kindergarten continued to use the D’Arcy Avenue building.  This is where our name originates from and we continue to use this name in honour of our history.

Our Beliefs

At St. John’s we believe that learning is dynamic, complex and holistic. We aim to create an emotionally safe, happy environment, where each child and family has a strong sense of belonging. We aim to enhance children’s learning, development, engagement, initiative, self-worth, and identity.IMG_5779

We believe it takes a community to raise a child. We view families as children’s first educators. When educators, families and communities work together, best outcomes are achieved. We consider the environment be the third teacher. We utilise both the open natural environment through our Nature Play program and local parklands as well as our purpose designed program which we implement in our kindergarten setting.

We view children as competent and capable learners who actively construct their own learning through engagement, inquiry and play with tools provide by the natural environment, we value nature play and encourage children to taking calculated risks within their play and exploration.

We acknowledge the importance of an integrative approach to teaching and learning through child-lead and peer-lead learning, teacher-lead spontaneous teaching and intentional teaching.

Our Commitment

We have a commitment to act in the best interests of all children, families, the staff and local and global communities. We recognise children as active citizens participating and belonging to many different groups, cultures, family make-ups, having different beliefs, strengths and abilities, we are committed to respecting these differences and celebrating them.

At St. John’s Kindergarten we advocate for the profession, through mentoring, engaging research and building professional relationships.

We adhere to the national and Victorian guidelines set by The Department of Education and Training. Our curriculum is underpinned by Early Childhood theorists the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework.FullSizeRender

We support strong minds, bodies and planet and therefore endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment through sustainable practices such as recycling, food gardens, rubbish free lunches, composting and working toward a paper-free office system. We support healthy minds and bodies through healthy food and junk-food free lunches, mindfulness, exercise and relaxation.

Our Goals and Aspirations

We strive to be at the forefront of Early Childhood Education, continually setting the bench mark higher. We aim for excellence through innovative teaching techniques.

Our Intentions for Action

At St. John’s we believe in long-life learning. We use a variety of methods to ensure this continuation of professional development and engage with contemporary theory and practice. We act by ensuring, effective communication with educators and families, critical reflection, pedagogy, networking and collaborating with other professionals, as well as gaining awareness through memberships such as Early Childhood Australia.


St. John’s Kindergarten acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land and waters throughout Victoria and pays respect to them, their culture and their Elders past, present and future