Our Educators

Our kindergarten prides itself on the wonderful educators who nurture, teach and foster curiosity in the kinder children.

Andrea Simons

Nominated Supervisor, Banksia (4yo) Group Teacher, Wattle (3yo) Group Teacher

Andrea has worked at St Johns kindergarten since 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and has worked in the education sector for over 10 years in a range of settings.

Andrea believes that the early years in a child’s life are the most important in children’s education, focusing on a sense of self, social, emotional and fostering their skills in becoming independent. Andrea runs an emergent curriculum based on the children’s interest and needs. She also places a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills, which are embedded within the kinder environment. There is also a strong hands-on approach to nature and sustainable practice through recycling and gardening within the kindergarten.

Andrea works very closely with the Australian and Victorian Curriculums and Quality standards to ensure a high quality and innovative program is delivered.

Janet Stamp

Eucalyptus Group (multi-age) Teacher

Completing the Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) in 1990, Janet has worked with children in a variety of settings such as schools, kindergartens and occasional care.  Janet has an extensive knowledge of young children’s educational needs and creates a wonderful platform for the children to grow and learn at St Johns. She is passionate about music and shares this with the children by singing together and learning a variety of rhymes and songs as a group, which is showcased and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas events. Janets commitment to Early Childhood education is based on the quote, ‘It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.’ by Maria Montessori

Rose Bisognin

4Yr St Johns Kindergarten-111Co-Educator

Rose completed the Certificate III in Children’s Services in December 2012. Before commencing in 2014 at St. John’s, Rose was an aide in a kindergarten to support a child with additional needs. She works as a team with guidance from the kindergarten teacher, the child’s family and professional service providers also using different educational therapy methods to work with the child. Rose feels being part of this child’s journey was a humbling experience. Rose thoroughly enjoys working with kindergarten age children.  She admires the diversity of children, their skills and their abilities, observing and guiding them to get involved in learning experiences, feeling truly privileged to be part of their world!

Rose’s favourite quote comes from an ancient African proverb: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. This quote captures the essence of the importance of the whole community when influencing and educating a child.

Jenny Traeger-Haig


Jenny holds a Diploma in Education and has been an educator in the early childhood sector for over ten years. Prior to joining St Johns she was a three-year-old educator for over five years and ran the sustainability programme for the four-year-old groups for two years. Jenny has a passion for sustainability and our local environment. She enjoys helping children to learn about the environment in which we live and fostering children’s curiosity in the outdoors.

Liz O’Donnell


Liz holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services. She is passionate about working in the Early Childhood environment, to have the opportunity to inspire a love of learning and to make a real difference to the lives of children. Liz is committed to providing the best quality care and education to the children and believes that play is important in a child’s life. Liz believes that every child has the right to quality education to ensure they have the opportunity to develop their full potential. One of her favourite quotes is: “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” (Chinese Proverb)

Beccy Lewis


Beccy qualified with a Diploma in the UK 21 years ago, which lead her to have many wonderful experiences working with children in the UK. Beccy and her family moved to Australia in 2011. It was the most nerve racking but amazing experience and she is now very much settled in Melbourne.

Beccy is currently working towards her Diploma of Early Childhood Education in Australia. Working with children has been a passion of Beccy’s since she was 16. Now with her own family at home that passion has grown. She loves nothing more than watching the enjoyment on children’s faces; when they learn something new or see something amazing. From their curious minds, inquisitive questioning and creative constructions to their observant listening and facial expressions. Dancing , singing , story time and just generally joining in has always been a highlight of this role for her.