Events and Fundraising


Uniforms can be purchased from and a portion of the sales will be donated back to the kinder.


1st Term

Sunday 3rd March – Welcome BBQ

Saturday 30th March – 11am – 2pm – Open Day

2nd Term

6th to 10th May – Mothers Day Stall

3rd Term

26th to 30th August – Fathers Day Stall

Date TBD – Picture Plates

4th Term

25th November – Kinder AGM

Date TBD – Christmas party with raffle


Incursions, Excursions and Events will be decided thoughout the year and may not be noted on our website.  Our program is based children’s interests and needs, which evolve, thus the curriculum below:

‘to incorporate our community, cultural events and intentional teaching, in which we believe will assist the children to work toward desired learning outcomes and learning dispositions.’

If your child does not attend on a day that an incursion falls, you or a family member are welcome to bring your child for the time the incursion is taking place, as long as the parent/ guardian remains with the child throughout. This is to ensure we uphold the correct adult-to-child ratio set by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.