Events @ Kinder



4 year old group only

1st Term
Monday 6th March – Rock Pool Incursion to view creatures from the sea

Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th March – Easter Egg hunt

2nd Term

Tuesday 9th May – Mothers Day morning tea

FullSizeRender(1)Tuesday 16th May – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Excursion
Week of 29th May – Kinder photos

Thursday 8th June – Incursion – Flying Bookworm Theatre Company

3rd Term

Thursday 30th August – Fathers Night

Monday 28th August – Living Eggs to hatch chickens

Monday 11th September – Excursion to Chesterfield Farm

4th Term

Thursday 23rd November – Excursion to Melbourne Museum


3 year old group only

Friday 11th August – Drama Toolbox Incursion

Friday 27th October – Wild Action Reptile Incursion







This list of incursions, excursions and events will not include all for the year and may differ from time to time. Our program is based children’s interests and needs, which evolve, thus the curriculum. Below, incorporate our community, cultural events and intentional teaching, in which we believe will assist the children to work toward desired learning outcomes and learning dispositions.

If your child does not attend on a day that an incursion falls, you or a family member are welcome to bring your child for the time the incursion is taking place, as long as the parent/ guardian remains with the child throughout. This is to ensure we uphold the correct adult-to-child ratio set by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.