Starting Kindergarten

Each child will react differently to the commencement of kindergarten. Some children will bound through the doors, egger to begin and others may be slow to warm up and others may suffer some form of separation anxiety.

Some helpful steps to begin with:

•        Be positive about kindergarten. Talk to your child about all positive things about kinder- friends, games, science experiments, climbing, singing… when you feel anxious, your child will also take this on.

•        Set clear and simple expectations and answer any questions honestly. When it’s time for the parent to leave, have a cuddle and say goodbye- please don’t, ‘disappear’ leaving the child with the sense of abandonment, but also, stick to the agreed plan- if you have explained to your child “I will take you inside, give you a cuddle and a kiss and say good bye”, please don’t confuse your child by giving them 15 kisses and saying 16 goodbyes. Let them know when you will be picking them up “After, afternoon tea and group time”.

What to wearIMG_8699(1)

You should send your child in comfortable play clothes, which will stand up to a considerable amount of wear and tear.  Play is an essential part of development and your child is bound to get dirty, as they become engrossed in work.  Although smocks are provided and children expected to wear them, they will not always come home as clean as you sent them!  Be aware that dresses can be a safety hazard in negotiating outdoor play equipment. A broad brimmed sun hat, already applied sunscreen and clothing that covers shoulders is required in terms 1 and 4 (summer). Wet weather gear is essential for Bush Kinder including gumboots, water proof over-pants and waterproof jacket.  Ensure your child wears well fitting shoes or sandals. Thongs and Crocs are not advised as they can be dangerous when a child is running, climbing or kicking a ball.

What to bring

•        A large bag (space for art work)

•        Lunch box (containing no packaged food and lots of fresh food, for healthy eating policy and lunchbox  ideas please see out FAQ page)

•        Drink bottle (with water only)

•        Sun smart Hat (compulsory terms 1 and 4)

•        Wet weather gear

•        Comforter (if needed)

Please leave all fragile and sentimental belonging at home. Please do not bring toys to kindergarten as this can cause children to be isolated by peers and provide no use to the educational program.